Extraction condensing turbines

The power range of extraction condensing turbines is from 1500 KW to 12000 KW.

When the power does not exceed 300 KW, turbine will provide a reduction gearbox when the power exceed 6000 KW turbine will connect with a generator directly.

The turbine is single shaft, impulse type and has a controlled retraction of one stage.

The extraction flow and power load may be automatically adjusted in accordance with the user requirements; also pure condensing condition operating may be allowed.

Backpressure turbines

The turbine features a single horizontally split cast casing incorporating the control stage as well as the transition and exhaust casing modules.

The multi-stage backpressure turbines are designed on building-block system and their passage-flow part is optimized. the turbine is axial flow, single shaft, reaction type and has a reduction gearbox, when front section dimension is high, turbine will connect with a generator directly