Taking advantage of consolidated partnerships in the Middle East and financial resources Doris International is now expanding its business activities in the in the Railway Sector. We can provide

engineering and consulting services as well as supply a wide range of products, according to most international standard and certification, including: forgings, wheels, brake systems, doors, wagons

and tracks.

We are developing collaborations and partnerships withimportantcompanies in this industrial sector and are able to provide both engineering and supplying services working in partnership with reliable

manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Products include but are not limited to:

Axles: wide range of high quality railway axles of different materials (LZ50, JZ45, AAR Grade F, EA1N, EA1T, EA4T, IRS 16/95, SFA60A) and in accordance to most international quality standards (TB/T

2945, CME-1, AAR M-101, JIS E 4502, UIC 811-1, GMRT 246,6 EN 13261, IRS 16/95, BS 5892 PART1).

Wheels:  wide range of high quality wheels in accordance to most international quality standards (AAR M-107/M-208,UIC812-3, EN 13262, BS 5892-3, JIS E5402-2, IRS R34, GB8601, IB/T 2817)

Bogie: as per customer requirements.

Wagon: including flat wagons, tank wagons, covered wagons, open top Wagon.

Brakes: brake discs in different materials including: grey casting iron, forging steel, alloy steel, brake beams according to clients' specifications, brake heads in Casting steel and brake shoes both according to international standards and client specifications.

Coupler Systems: customized coupler system solutions

Door Systems: front, side, internal door systems for train and buses.

    Rail Tracks: high quality rails and tracks as well as a wide range of railway track parts including fishplates, elastic bar, rail tie plate, lock washer, railway bolt and nuts. Parts are supplied in accordance to international standards.

     Fishplate: TB/T 2345-2008, BS 47-1, JIS E 1102-2001, AREMA 2007, UIC864-4, UIC864-8, DIN5901

     Rail bolts and nuts:TB/T 2345-2008, BS 47-1, JIS E 1102-2001, AREMA 2007, UIC864-4, UIC864-8, DIN5901   

     Rail Spike: AREMA 2007, DIN, GOST and TB/T.

    Elastic Clip:DIN 17221, BS970, GB/T 4357, GB/T 4358.

    Special Vehicles: a wide choice of special vehicles in particular road-rail vehicles including: cranes, excavators, shunters, telescopic handler and trucks.